Just Know Stuns With "Anymore"

Justknow is a 17y/o musician/artist from NY, He doesn't like to restrict himself to a certain genre, but his music can be categorized as "dreamy" or "mellow". We usually tend to religiously share whenever we hear lofi instrumentals from the musician. At the moment Justknow is currently taking a step back from strictly producing lofi, starting off with the newest single "anymore", which is a mellow, sad, and confused indie/alternative song. After recently moving out of his hometown in New York, the artist describes that this song is about feeling abandoned and excluded from olld friends and companions that seemed to have moved on much quicker than he. Its about reminiscing over better days, but also questioning the integrity of those days, unsure of the reality behind them. We must say that the artist like a Kanye West or Pharell is clearly great at honing in on their craft entirely, not just as a singer, or just a producer, but both. Listen below.


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