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Just Geo - "Always Gonna Be" (feat. Flirta D)

Introducing Just Geo's latest track "Always Gonna Be," featuring Flirta D. This piece plunges into the dynamic world of U.K. grime drill, echoing the influential sounds of artists like Skepta. The collaboration between Just Geo and Flirta D brings a fresh energy to the genre, blending classic elements with modern flair. "Always Gonna Be" stands out for its gritty beats and sharp lyrical delivery, characteristic of U.K. grime. The addition of drill elements adds a raw, aggressive edge to the track, making it a powerful statement in the contemporary music scene. Flirta D's contribution brings an extra layer of depth and charisma, enhancing the overall impact of the song. This track is a must-listen for fans of U.K. grime and drill, offering a perfect blend of traditional sounds and innovative approaches. Just Geo's skillful production and Flirta D's unique style create a synergistic effect that's both engaging and memorable. Listen now.


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