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Juna - “Qabatlanu”

Juna has just released their latest single, "Qabatlanu," and it's an atmospheric and avant-garde track that blends Tatar indietronica with poetry.

"Qabatlanu" is the first single from Juna's upcoming mini-album, which is based on one of the fathers of Tatar symbolism and modernism from the 60s. The band's hypnotic melodies and rigorous production have earned them comparisons to Bjork and Loma, and their vast experience in film and theatre scoring allows them to create their own unique sonic universe.

The list of invited musicians for "Qabatlanu" includes the Mir chamber choir, lead by Olga Yershova, a beautiful string quartet, and Sugder Ludup, a master of Tuvan traditional instruments and throat singing.

Juna is a band from Kazan that performs atmospheric indie-folk music in Tatar. They use classical Tatar poetry as well as pieces written by modern poets to create their songs, and they like to explore the various colours of different musical instruments. In addition to standard guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard, Juna uses instruments like ukulele, banjo, flutes, tampura, kajon, and various percussion to create their unique sound.

If you're a fan of atmospheric and avant-garde music, "Qabatlanu" is a must-listen. Juna's talent for blending Tatar indietronica with poetry is on full display in this single, and it's sure to become a fan favorite. So why wait? Give "Qabatlanu" a listen.


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