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Jovan Marie With "Real Good Love"

Today we're introducing Jovan Marie with "Real Good Love". What feels like a single that would've been humungous in the 80's feels absoltely right and in for todays modern pop sound. The instrumental is hard and feels very reminiscent and influenced to Prince. The vocals are simply amazing on the record and neither the vocals, nor the instrumental stand out on their own, both work in perfect harmony. The singing here is amazing and we're simply shocked that we haven't heard about Jovan Marie until today. While there is more work that can be done on her future material like the vocal mixes, we love the apsiration and high hopes from the artist, with just releasing music and not thinking too much about it. We think you'll deeply love the ranger on Jovan Marie and the smooth DX7 sounding keys throughout the 1980's sounding single.


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