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Josie Moon - "Mas Que Nada"

21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Josie Moon hails from Wellington, New Zealand with a hypnotic and nostalgic approach to electronic pop music. New Zealand singer-songwriter Josie Moon creates hypnotic, timeless music with an edgy pop vibe. Not shy of the stage, Moon has clocked live performances alongside Tash Sultana, Chelsea Jade, Physical and Thomston; and has made festival appearances including Rhythm & Vines (Main Stage) and The Others Way. Back with her strongest effort to date, ‘Más Que Nada’ keeps the momentum going for the Wellington based singer-producer as one of the most exciting new talents. It's truly not often when we feature singles that feature that spanglish flavor that everyone so much enjoys, being that we're in Miami we know for ourselves the people who would enjoy this. From the production that really lets the vocalist shine, to her own writing which she didnt get any help from here. It's simply fantastic the heights to where we see Josie Moon going. Take a listen below.


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