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Josh Tobias With His Funky Track "All Night"

Introducing upcoming artist Josh Tobias hailing from Long Island, NY, he began his career learning guitar from his father Toby Tobias, a world traveling professional musician. While living in Brooklyn through his early 20's, Josh balanced his time creating music and working as a social worker making the music schedule for a home that housed mentally handicapped people. In 2015 Josh launched onto the indie scene with single "Beachside Lover," a funk-infused retro RnB record that has accumulated millions of total plays. His catalog includes tracks that have been featured by notable media outlets The Dancing Astronaut, IndieShuffle, ThisSongIsSick, Earmilk, YourEDM, and tastemaker channels TheVibeGuide, Chill Masters, Indie Nation and Stay See. Following the release of his newest single "All Night" he creates a fun sound that'll instantly get you up your feet. Starting the track with a soothing and funky beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals he completes this track entirely. It's truly a captivating track that has great instrumentation that will appeal your ears. "All Night" is a dedication to Josh Tobias love for funk/dance music from Zapp and Rogers to Cameo to The Bee Gee's. He produced and recorded this in his bedroom and he think's it has a refined, well polished sound. Lyrically it's about fantasizing about seeing your lover again, and how memories of her haunt your mind all the time. Go stream "All Night" and check out his discography that is filled with amazing tracks.






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