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Josh Fudge Introduces A Nostalgic Track "Second Date"

Josh Fudge is an 18 year old uprising artist who is a multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter from Oklahoma City. After finding music at the young age of 4, he quickly fell in love, and began playing constantly. His first album, "Space Age Lover", was written, played and produced entirely by Josh with the exception of the live drums. After it's release, he started collaborating with producer Logan Bruhn, and other local artists including guitarist Tyler Sexton and drummer Jhakhobi Harley to help improve his sound quality and release higher grade music. Josh was also featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds: Indie playlist. He continues to write and release as much music as possible.

Introducing his newest single "Second Date" is a happy and chill sounding song at first, filled with fuzzy synths and vintage warm tones reminiscent of Mac DeMarco, Jakob Ogawa, and Clairo. Upon closer inspection, It is a wistful song written about getting bored too quickly in a relationship and growing to miss how things used to be. Nostalgic undertones tucked under a smooth and quaint mix make for a deep yet easy listening Indie/Bedroom Pop experience. It's such a nostalgic track, to the production and sweet vocals the whole essence of the track feels so peaceful. one listen wouldn't be enough to really capture the feel of the track. It's truly really sweet and soft and anyone listening would enjoy. Also make sure to check out his discography all his songs are amazing.





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