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Jordyne x Hen$haw With Their Upbeat Track "Going Bad"

Introducing upcoming artist's Jordyne and Hen$haw they project just one capturing sound when put together. Jordyne is a 23 year old artist residing in Hoboken, NJ. He creates dark melodic music blending Hip-Hop, R&B, and Trap. “Wolves”, his debut single, landed on the premier YouTube Channel, dynmk, and since then he hasn’t slowed down at all. His music is often compared to the likes of Darci, Always Never and 12AM. Also Hensha$ who was featured on the track London based singer, who at the age of 19 He started making music with best friend, frequent collaborator and producer goodbyechase back in school— they both had big dreams and knew they had to work hard on their craft to be successful.

It wasn't until late 2018 when HEN$HAW started showing his true potential by releasing underground hits. He has gone from selling a headline show in his hometown Camden in North West London, to being handpicked to perform at a Music for Youth gig, supporting the collective Midnight Society at their London show and even performing abroad in Belgium with his own collective LOVE SEPT. Following their newest single, "Going Bad" they provide an amazing track that with one listen you'll instantly be grasped by the sound. Starting the track with an upbeat instrumentation leading onto their loud and luscious vocals. It's truly a fun track to just vibe too, it'll be perfect for a late night drive or even playing it at a party. To explain the track a bit further it's about a girl peacing out and just going bad, giving no f*cks. The song sounds a bit evil just in time for Halloween. Go stream "Going Bad" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.





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