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Jordyne x Daniel Di Angelo - "More Than Friends"

Jordyne is a 24 year old artist residing in Hoboken, NJ. He creates dark melodic music blending Hip-Hop, R&B, and Trap. “Wolves”, his debut single, landed on the premier YouTube Channel, dynmk, and since then he hasn’t slowed down at all. His music is often compared to the likes of Darci, Always Never and 12AM. The single sounds like its influenced by a wide range of artists including, The Weeknd, Amir Obe and Darci. The singing here is very open and very wide as well. We think that the singing is great here with the very dynamic range of vocals in the single, and the writing as well defintely makes the single stand out to be a night time single that you put on on the way home from linking up with that special person. Listen below.


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