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Jordan Baumstark - “Impress Me” (feat. MABkc)

Jordan Baumstark, a St. Louis-based artist, has released his latest single, "Impress Me," featuring MABkc, on December 28th. This self-produced track is Baumstark's second single release of the year, and it showcases his skill as both a producer and a rapper.

The production of "Impress Me" is a blend of vintage and modern elements, with classic Memphis phonk drum patterns and samples providing a vintage aesthetic, while Baumstark's smooth yet energetic delivery brings a modern swagger to the track. Baumstark aims to bring something new to the table with his music, while also paying tribute to the legends who have inspired him.

"I hope I can help bridge that gap between the stuff I grew up on & the new wave of hip-hop," he says.

"Impress Me" follows Baumstark's last single, "Smooth Operator," and his EP Charge It To The Game, which was released in April of this year. Keep up with Jordan Baumstark on social media and his website to stay updated on his latest releases.


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