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jonnychang - “OBLONGATA” (with Lumikools & Sweatyhands)

Rapper Jonnychang has just released his latest single "OBLONGATA," featuring Lumikools and Sweatyhands. This song is a powerful and emotional look at the struggles of anxiety, and the importance of healing and having a supportive family.

From the moment the track starts, it's clear that Jonnychang is not afraid to tackle tough subjects. His lyrics are raw and honest, as he tackles the struggles of anxiety head-on. The song is a cathartic release, with Jonnychang using his music as a way to process his emotions and find healing.

Lumikools and Sweatyhands provide the perfect support on this track, with their smooth and emotive vocals adding depth and emotion to the song. The three artists work together seamlessly, creating a track that is both powerful and vulnerable.

Overall, "OBLONGATA" is a must-listen for anyone who has struggled with anxiety or has been in need of healing and support. Jonnychang's lyrics are relatable and honest, and the song is a testament to the power of music to help us navigate life's challenges.


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