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Jome - "Cinnamon Summer" (Deepend Remix) (Remix by Deepend )

Indie-pop duo Jome, consisting of the talented Jesse Epstein as the vocalist and writer, and Christoph Andersson as the producer, has gifted us a musical gem with the "Cinnamon Summer" remix. This lively and enchanting remix, produced by Deepend, falls under the genre of Dance Pop, carrying with it an array of emotions that span from epic and energetic to moody.

The roots of this remix are in Jome's original song "Cinnamon," which was part of their 2017 LP titled "Tunnels." The original version of "Cinnamon" has amassed remarkable recognition, boasting over 40 million streams to date. This song is a testament to Jome's musical prowess and ability to craft tunes that resonate deeply with listeners.

Jome sheds light on the essence of "Cinnamon" by explaining that it encapsulates the sensation of being swept away by a new experience and leaving one's old self behind, much like being transported into a dream. Jesse Epstein, the vocalist, wrote the song with a personal touch, drawing inspiration from his honeymoon. He beautifully describes the kind of vacation where you're completely engulfed in the moment, leaving behind all your worries, and becoming one with the breeze. This feeling of dissolution into a carefree realm is palpable in the original track.

Now, with the "Cinnamon Summer" remix, Jome has collaborated with the talented Deepend to take their musical magic to new heights. The remix embraces and expands upon the original theme, creating a hypnotic and carefree universe around the core track. The remix feels like a magnetic force, pulling the listeners under its spell. The expert production by Deepend adds layers of depth and an irresistible rhythm to the song, turning it into a captivating Dance Pop experience.

Released under Arista Records, the "Cinnamon Summer" remix is a perfect example of how artists can come together to elevate a musical creation. With their combined efforts, Jome and Deepend have given the world a track that not only pays homage to the original's essence but also presents it in a fresh and invigorating light. This remix is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the power of music to transport us into different realms, just like the dreamy vacation that inspired the original "Cinnamon." As Jome continues to weave their musical magic, we can't help but eagerly anticipate their future creations.


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