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JOHNMVRK - "Moving On"

Welcoming JOHNVMRK with his latest track 'Moving On'. This synthpop gem, tinged with elements of electronica, is all about resilience and navigating through life's challenges. It's a blend that's both epic and energetic, capturing the essence of moving forward despite obstacles.

JOHNMVRK, a talented performer and songwriter from Vancouver, BC, channels influences from iconic artists like Muse, James Blake; especially the vocal tone we think, and Son Lux, infusing 'Moving On' with a unique sound that's both familiar and fresh. The song's powerful synth lines and dynamic electronic beats create an immersive soundscape that's captivating and uplifting.

The essence of the single shines in its ability to convey the complexities of overcoming tough times through its lyrical depth and compelling composition. JOHNMVRK's craftsmanship shines through each note, making this track not just a song, but an anthem for anyone who's ever had to find strength in adversity.


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