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Joe the Truth with hard hitting emotion on "Testimony"

Joe the Truth is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee, a young go & get it type artist doing these melodies and feel good music with no effort but also being able to cope & relate & not be judgmental! The single is reminiscent to Lil Durk, Joe tells us "This is a real facts about my life thinking about myself now instead of everybody else song. It's not so easy being a good person." We can definitely feel the emotion with the messages in the single, with lines like, "I just had to think to myself, who really think about me, who really here for you dog? open your eyes up and see" Usually i'm not the biggest fan of auto tune but in this track its not the most obvious because he uses it as a great tool. It sounds like the artist has been through some trial and tribulations and he lets it all out on the single. He definitely sounds like a YSL artist, make sure to check out the tune now!




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