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Jo Beyer - "Embarrassed Face"

Introducing 'Embarrassed Face' by Jo Beyer, a unique fusion that sits at the crossroads of jazz, electronic dance music, and experimental soundscapes. This track, featuring English background vocals, is a testament to Beyer's innovative approach as a Cologne-based drummer and producer. 'Embarrassed Face' is mainly characterized by its jazzy undertones here, sprinkled with elements of synth, creating a lively and engaging rhythm. The drums are a standout feature, delivering a dynamic and somewhat chaotic energy that's reminiscent of Daft Punk's latest album. This solo project of Jo Beyer brilliantly combines the raw power of live acoustic drums with the synths of electronic dance music. We think the track is designed to create a danceable atmosphere, blurring the lines between EDM, sampled speech, and what can only be described as an epic film music trip. It's an ambitious blend that offers listeners an immersive and exhilarating experience. Listen now.


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