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Jinx - "Vertigo"

Introducing Jinx, hailing from the sun-kissed streets of Los Angeles, CA, with their mesmerizing single, "Vertigo." This track is a kaleidoscope of sound, painting a vivid soundscape that's quintessentially vaporwave, synthwave, and chillwave rolled into one.

"Vertigo" is an instrumental masterpiece that transcends the need for lyrics. It's a journey through happy, energetic, and chill moods, seamlessly woven together. Imagine the musical genius of VIQ, Hurleybird, and DavZ, but with a unique twist that's all Jinx. This single is a tribute to the artist's home, Los Angeles, capturing its warmth and vibrant spirit in every beat. The beauty of "Vertigo" lies in its ability to be both invigorating and soothing at the same time. It's a track that you can lose yourself in, whether you're looking to energize your spirit or find peace in a moment of relaxation. The warm mix is perfect for those nights when you need a soundtrack to your dreams or those days when you just want to escape into a world of sonic bliss. Listen below now!


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