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Jimmy ValenTime - "Gift of the Magi"

Introducing Jimmy ValenTime, an artist deeply rooted in the New York City Underground scene. His track "Gift of the Magi," released by Lost Arts, blends elements of lo-fi hip-hop, cloud hop, emo hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop to create a unique sonic experience.

With moods ranging from sexy and romantic to chill, Jimmy ValenTime sets the stage for a captivating musical journey. Drawing inspiration from artists like Ja Rule, Tyler, The Creator, and Frank Ocean, he crafts a sound that is both introspective and emotionally charged.

Jimmy ValenTime is a well-established figure in the New York City music scene, having garnered attention from outlets like NBC (CH 4-NY) and With over 53,000 plays on Spotify and 200,000 plays across various platforms, his music has resonated with a diverse audience.

Born and raised in the South Bronx to a Latino mother and European father, Jimmy ValenTime captures the essence of working-class native New Yorkers in his music. He shines a light on those who keep the city running, the people who strive, survive, and rarely receive recognition in shows or movies. His lyrics explore themes of romance, politics, and crime in an unglamorous, raw manner. Listen below now!


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