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Jimi Lucid Introducing His Nostalgic Track "Utopia"

Introducing upcoming artist Jimi Lucid he projects a very interesting sound that will definitely captivate your ears. While working on his craft for some time now, he has continuously been releasing tracks for any and all types of listeners to enjoy. Having around 19 tracks on Spotify he portray's different feelings and emotions to every track he creates. Following the release of his newest single "Utopia" he presents a very soothing sound that will certainly grasp your ears. Starting the track with a slow and melancholy sound leading onto his luscious and soft vocals. it has a very sad but yet a good feeling with the instrumentation you hear in the track. To explain the track further it's about leaving everything behind and having a sense of all things perfection, no stress, no worries just vibes. It's a chilling track that perceive's the feeling of being free. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or just being alone wanting to listen to something chill. It's surly a beautiful track to just chill and enjoy the music flowing throughout your ears. Go stream "Utopia" and check out his discography which is filled with soothing tracks.



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