Jiah Zuniga - Masked Up

Introducing Jiah Zuniga with his latest single "Masked Up". “Masked Up” is a saying he came up with for society constantly trying to cover up who you truly want to be or what you truly want to say. With most of the U.S. still having their face covered with a mask, he thinks this song fits well with our current time. Although this song has a deep meaning, the artist still managed to give it a jazzy feeling along with some goofing around while recording. Definitely think this would go great in a cafe, boba shop, boutique shop, or even background office work music. We think thats a nice explanation, but the true reason people are wearing masks is because of a pandemic, i'm not sure they're trying to hide their identities on purpose, but the artists' explanation has potential and we like that they think for themselves. Listen below.


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