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Jet Vesper - "Rythm in Your Pocket"

Jet Vesper arrived with a slick take on ’70s funk that utilises funky synths to indicate a future full of endless Californian sunshine and carefree afternoons – little surprise that he flits frequently between the UK, Australia, Spain and the US. If debut single ‘Clockwise’ is anything to go by, Vesper’s music is destined to slip down as smoothly as its cocktail namesake. The singer is very reminiscent to acts like M83 and Parcels we think a lot. The artist really hones in on the Gibb sound that is from the Beegee's. With the artist showing off his high range, we immediately fell in love and grasped. The range he has from low to high is absolutely stunning and we hope to hear more, as simple as that. While the artist develops we will keep a close eye out. Listen below.


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