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Jessy Mach - "Phantom wrench"

Get ready for a high-octane ride through the realms of WaveSynthwave and Gothic/Dark Wave with Jessy Mach's latest track, "Phantom Wrench." This electrifying tune is a tantalizing preview of the full EP, "The Fury," which promises to be a conceptual masterpiece. Currently available on Bandcamp, this EP is set to drop on all major platforms on October 20, so mark your calendars.

Jessy Mach, hailing from the picturesque French Riviera, presents a sonic journey that's both aggressive and dark, yet incredibly energetic. Fans of Occams Laser, VHS Glitch, Cluster Buster, and Carpenter Brut are in for a treat, as Jessy Mach's sound fits right into this league of musical visionaries. "Phantom Wrench" serves as the opening act to "The Fury" EP, setting the stage for the immersive story that unfolds throughout the record.

Speaking of "The Fury," Jessy Mach has a penchant for weaving stories into his music. Each track in the EP is a piece of a larger narrative, and listeners are encouraged to explore the accompanying short story that adds depth and meaning to the music.

As you dive into the world of "The Fury," you'll find yourself transported to a chilling scene: "Suddenly, the air grew frigid, and a malevolent presence enveloped him. Victor glimpsed a grotesque figure lurking in the shadows, wielding a PHANTOM WRENCH." This glimpse into the story hints at the darkness and suspense that Jessy Mach has skillfully incorporated into his work.

So, get ready for a musical journey filled with energy, darkness, and a touch of the surreal as you embark on "The Fury" EP. With "Phantom Wrench" as your guide, Jessy Mach invites you to explore his sonic world, a world where music and storytelling collide to create a truly unique and immersive experience.


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