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Jess Young With Her Dreamy Track "Fathers"

Introducing a talented artist known as Jess Young is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer, of East Asian heritage, who writes music from places of her own vulnerabilities and experiences in love. Beneath her soft, yet soulful voice speaks conversational lyrics with deeper meaning and food for thought. Her music resonates nostalgic, cinematic, and lo-fi sounds, and flows between soulful R&B and glimmers of Jazz folk. An alchemical approach to her personal experiences, Young uses her music to narrate the stories of the people. Young is also a DJ, describing her sound as “a fusion of chilled house, funk, and electronic hip-hop.” Tune in to some of her mixes on her Soundcloud. Alongside her music, Young is a nail artist and founder of Boys In Polish, a platform dedicated to eradicating toxic masculinity through nail art experiences. She has worked with brands such as i-D, Dazed Beauty, Highsnobiety, Nike, and Refinery29. With the release of her newest single "Fathers", she projects a very dreamy track that will definitely grasp your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto her sweet and luscious vocals she completes the single fully. Explaining the track further it explores Young’s estranged relationship with her dad and experiences with masculinity. The song is about her realizing how her relationship with her father has influenced her adulthood, particularly romantic situations. To the vocals and production, this track presents a very nostalgic feel but yet having that openness within the lyrics. Being just perfect for late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Fathers" and check out her discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.






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