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Jenny Kern Introduces A Euphoric Track With "Satellite"

Upcoming artist Jenny Kern is a Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter that hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention with the magnetic vocal style and emotively piercing lyricism contained within her single "Slow Burn". Jenny has also performed around Montreal during University before moving to NYC in 2013 where she started as a Page at NBC and quickly worked her way up to producer in the film and television industry. In 2018 Jenny decided to take a leap of faith and pursue full time her passion for music and songwriting. Drawing on her own experiences, her songs unfold through a confessional-style delivery revealing the strength that can only come through vulnerability.

Following the release of her newest single "Satellite" she begins the track with a melodic beat leading onto her sweet and soft vocals. It's truly a capturing track that sends you into a euphoric journey. To the vocals and the production she completes this track to the fullest extent. To explain the track further it's about trying to get right up your feet and trying fix things with someone you had love for. Sometimes things don't go the way you want it and you try to fix them overtime. It's a touching track that is fully relatable with each listen and with her amazing vocals you will surely be captivated. Go check out "Satellite".



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