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jen kalicharan - "Y2K"

Vancouver-based artist, Jen Kalicharan, is set to release her new track, “Y2K” on November 24th on all music platforms. It is the first single to come out before starting off a year of bi-weekly releases from her project, “Welcome to the Jeniverse”, beginning January 2022. She is the first artist to release a project containing a series of bi-weekly singles. The inspiration for “Y2K” came when the current fashion trends changed and celebrated the early 2000’s type of glamour Jen grew up with. The uptempo song’s lyrics tell of nostalgic classics like “BBM” text messaging and bedazzled Juicy Couture pants. In this song Jen’s lyrics are a nod to the trends of the past that raised her, and her production style is a glimpse into the next generation of pop music. The latest single "Y2K" is reminiscent to if Ariana Grande was blowing up in todays economy with hyper pop and hip hop taking over the globe by storm. The single is fun from the hard beat to switch ups "2020 vision, man i live in a fantasy". When listening to the single you are dying to see the world the artist is singing about, we defintely hope to hear more from Jen Kalicharan as we think she's definitely a contender to be a s star of the future.



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