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Jay Rydel x Slex Allen With Their Amazing Track "Number"

Introducing upcoming artist's Jay Rydel and Slex Allen they have come together to create one amazing track that will surely sweep you of your feet. Jay Rydel is an American singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His music is rooted in rock guitar and explores pop, r&b, and hip hop vocals. If John Mayer, Andre 3000, D’angelo, and Justin Bieber formed a supergroup it would sound like Jay Rydel. Rydel has made a living as a freelance musician in Denver, Colorado for five years. He spent many years writing, performing, and producing, but mostly learning that success comes from throwing out all the backup plans. As well as Slex Allen who is a man who wears many different hats. Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Beatboxer, DJ. But no matter which figurative hat he wears, he does it with innovation and individuality. Drawing influences from artists ranging from Tchami to J Dilla, Fleetwood Mac to The 1975, this Denver-based bad boy has formulated his own unique brand of musical hot sauce. Whether in the studio or on stage, you can expect Slex to be hitting your ears with a seamless fusion of hip hop, pop and dance music. Following the release of their newest single "Number" they project a very groovy track that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the track with an upbeat sound leading onto their soft and luscious vocals they complete the track entirely. To the vocals and production they present a track that will definitely get you up your feet and start dancing. Explaining the track further it's about a dance pop song of the new year, nostalgically reminding us of an earlier time when people asked for each other’s number instead of Instagram. The video and catchy song are sure to make audiences feel like they are out on the town even if the nightclubs remain closed. This glittery dance tune marks the artists’ first collaboration. Their chemistry is apparent right away as Slex and Jay’s vocals blend seamlessly, singing out the undeniably catchy hook, “Can I get your number?!” From there on out the song keeps you fixed with its glossy guitar riffs, soaring synth leads, razor sharp rhythms, and fun, humorous lyrics. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Number" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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