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Jarrod Cooney - "Places"

Jarrod Cooney is an Australian-born singer/songwriter/producer and pianist who has recently released a new track titled "Places". This house track takes listeners on a journey through different moods, with elements of tech house and progressive house weaved throughout the production.

"Places" starts off with a moody, atmospheric introduction, slowly building up to a more energetic beat. The piano melody adds a touch of elegance to the track, while the old-school house influence gives it a classic feel. The production is well-balanced, with intricate percussion and synth work that creates a cohesive sound.

Jarrod Cooney is known for his ability to blend genres and create a unique sound that is all his own. He draws inspiration from a range of influences, including jazz, classical, and electronic music. With "Places", he showcases his versatility as a producer and musician, seamlessly blending different styles together to create something that is both energetic and moody.

Overall, "Places" is a dynamic and well-crafted track that showcases Jarrod Cooney's talent as a producer and pianist. It's the perfect addition to any house music playlist and is sure to get listeners moving on the dance floor.


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