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Jared Matthew - "Corolla Thoughts"

Introducing Jared Matthew with the latest single "Corolla Thoughts". Not much is known about the musician at this time we think, but we tend to find out more within the single we think as the musician shows promise. Jared tells us "Music is my passion. This song was created to express what it feels like to leave someone you love, and question every day if it was the right decision. This is my real life, my music, thank you for listening." There is something to the single we think that is special, and its the writing. The mix and the artist over time will simply get better and better surely. The writing again, is just something interesting, it seems like to us everyone has had those corolla thoughts. Maybe not that specific car, but the late night drive moments have happend to all of us. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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