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Jank Setup - "Mylah"

Jank Setup is a group of diverse artists who converged to form an innovative high-energy 8 piece band. Each member comes from a differing musical and cultural background and adds a different flavor to the music. The progressive group presents Soulful vocals supported by Funk instrumentation fused with a full horn section. Founded in New Orleans in 2017, they are greatly inspired by classic and modern Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Hip Hop artists including James Brown, Parliament, and Fela Kuti, and more recently, Anderson Paak, Vulfpeck, and Tom Misch. We must say that the vocals are amazing and well composed here we think, well delivered and very much controlled. The instrumental as well sounds ready, and very clearly proffesional with the breaks, switch ups and proggressions. The guitars and saxaphones here immediately get you moving side to side. Listen below to see for yourself and become addicted to the piano riff in the single, you'll know what we mean once you hear it.


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