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James Francis - "Jezebel & The Nebula"

As a young kid James spent a lot time in the United States, here is were the foundation of the sound of his music was built. As a 19-year-old singer-songwriter James can find his way in different genres of music such as rock, reggae, electronic, alternative but especially R&B. Born and raised in the small country Suriname, In the first visual episode of Nocturnal Noise, we meet Jezebel. A woman who’s beauty is so captivating, it became her most lethal weapon. Using her radiance and social calibration to bend men to her will, she is envied by many and lusted for by many more. What is very reminisncent to a young Travis Scott and very enginerzing is the sound of today we strongly bellieve. As the same cadence and tyle of Young Thugs influence starts to diminish and become saturated, the turn up sound is returning. What fits for the club this time with "Jezebel & The Nebula" also fits when you're in a car with friends and simply enjoying life. Reminding us of Kanye West in the switch up, the single then starts to open up. Listen below.


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