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Jamal Gasol - "Pride"

Step into the vibrant world of Jamal Gasol as he drops his latest single, "Pride," accompanied by an engaging music video that introduces us to the realm of P.I.F.F University. With the collaborative efforts of Rico Tellem and GBlock Tez, Gasol's music is taking a new and exciting direction.

In "Pride," Jamal Gasol, alongside Rico Tellem and GBlock Tez, extends an invitation to the P.I.F.F University, setting the stage for a musical experience that's both fresh and captivating. Produced by Sandy Solo, the track is a part of the mixtape titled "United We Stand, Divided We Fall," where all three artists contribute their unique talents to craft a mixtape that's bound to leave an impact.

The accompanying music video, filmed by Matthew Synclair and edited by The Grey Area, immerses viewers in Gasol's artistic world, visually complementing the intricate beats and thoughtful lyrics of the track. With the entry of GBlock Tez into the PIFF Music Empire, the video adds a layer of narrative depth, showcasing the expansion of this musical universe.

Jamal Gasol's creative output in 2023 has been nothing short of prolific. Alongside the release of "Pride," Gasol has been busy delivering top-notch projects to his eager fanbase. His collaboration with Vic Spencer on the full-length project "The Right Way For Dummies" has been making waves, highlighting Gasol's versatility and skill as a collaborator. Additionally, the EP "Tales From The Trenches," produced by VHS, further demonstrates Gasol's dedication to his craft.

Gasol's music isn't just about beats and rhythms; it's a storytelling journey that reflects his experiences and perspectives. With a style that's rooted in authenticity and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, Jamal Gasol's musical career continues to evolve, setting the stage for even more remarkable releases in the future.

As you delve into the world of "Pride" and Gasol's other recent projects, you're invited to explore the tapestry of emotions, stories, and collaborations that define his musical universe. So, tune in, turn up the volume, and let Jamal Gasol's unique soundscape transport you to a place where hip-hop is more than just music – it's an experience.


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