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Jake Huffman - "Vampires In Hippie Clothes"

Welcoming Jake Huffman with "Vampires In Hippie Clothes". Previously known for his time in the viral alt rock band, McLovins, Huffman has taken the leap into the world of solo artistry. With his new music, he showcases his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, having written, performed, and produced every aspect of his latest project. "Vampires In Hippie Clothes" was inspired by a dream Huffman had, where he found himself wandering through a dusty festival campground, reminiscing about his teenage and early twenties spent playing and attending music festivals. The song carries a deep sense of nostalgia, accompanied by a sticky warm energy and a hint of reggae vibes.

Huffman's musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. At the age of 14, his YouTube cover of Phish's "You Enjoy Myself" went viral and catapulted him and his band into the spotlight. Sharing stages with renowned acts like Blink-182, Foster The People, BB King, and The Flaming Lips, Huffman has gained recognition from Rolling Stone, US Weekly, NPR, and respected radio programming director and DJ Bruce Warren of XPN Radio. Not only that, but he has also caught the attention of Emmy, Grammy, and Tony award-winning producer and composer Bill Sherman, as well as Glee producer Michael Novick. Listen below.


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