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Jaime Deraz - “Miss You in New York”

In "Miss You in New York", Jaime Deraz takes us on a journey through a past relationship set against the backdrop of the city she loves. From the opening lines, it is clear that this is a story of heartbreak and longing. The lyrics are evocative and paint a vivid picture of the highs and lows of a romance that ultimately came to a painful end.

Deraz's writing is characterized by her ability to capture raw emotion and convey it through carefully crafted words. She uses descriptive language and sensory details to transport the listener into the story, making it easy to feel the heartache and nostalgia that she sings about. The production elements of the song, with their nostalgiciac feel, enhance this sense of reverie, as we are transported back to the moments of the relationship being described.

As a singer/songwriter, Deraz draws on her own experiences and emotions to create her music. This is especially evident in "Miss You in New York", as she sings about the pain of a failed romance with an honesty and vulnerability that is deeply relatable. And it is this authenticity that has helped to make her music so popular, with over 17 million streams of her originals and collaborations to date.

In addition to her success on streaming platforms, Deraz has also had her music featured on a number of Spotify editorial playlists, including Dance Rising, New Music Friday Deutschland, and New Music Friday Switzerland. She has released music on labels such as Sony Brasil, Universal Netherlands, and BMG Italy, and has worked with dance-centric labels such as Armada, Soave, and Loudkult.

In 2021, Deraz co-founded her own record label, faded BLUE, and now serves as its executive director. And as an influencer in the music industry, she hopes that her music will reach people all over the world and provide an outlet for those who have experienced emotional trauma.


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