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Jah Born - "kinetic." (feat. Darez)

Introducing Jah Born's latest creation, "kinetic," featuring Darez, a mesmerizing instrumental track that's a testament to the art of Lo-fi Hip-Hop. Released by La Playa Creative Arts, this track is perfect for fans of Solrakmi, and Toonorth. "kinetic" is an experience that transcends the usual bounds of instrumental hip-hop, inviting listeners to a world of peaceful, otherworldly vibrations. The single is a journey into a realm of total vibes, inspiring thoughts that reach beyond the confines of our world. The mastery of Jah Born, complemented by the co-production skills of Darez, is evident in every beat within the single. One of the key features of "kinetic" is its use of smooth snaps for snares, creating a rhythm that's both soothing and engaging. The smooth guitars provide a lush backing, adding layers of warmth and depth to the track. The drums and kicks are notably warm, underpinning the entire composition with a comforting, vibey beat. The collaboration between Jah Born and Darez is a beautiful blend of their individual styles, resulting in a beat that's both unique and familiar. It's a track that showcases their ability to create music that's not just heard but felt, a sonic journey that soothes the soul and stimulates the mind. Listen now to see what we mean and relax to the beat.


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