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Jacosse Introduces A Sentimental Track With "(Over)thinking"

Jacosse is an upcoming artist who's 17 years old from Homer, NY. He has always wanted to make music since young and he official began putting his thoughts at work by making music beginning three years ago. He has taken heavy inspiration from artists such as Witt Lowry and XXXTentacion. He tends to shift to the genre of alternative hip-hop which projects his thoughts efficiently. Introducing his latest track "(Over)thinking" it's really capturing all around. Starting the track with a slow and mellow beat leading onto his soft and captive vocals. This track is different but yet injecting. To the real softness of his voice you can relate to the overall concept of this track. Jacosse had produced this track as well as recording it in his home studio. Adrian Stresow mixed it, and polished it using LANDR. To explain further as to what this track is really about, is Jacosse always being in his head but yet also thinking out loud as the parenthesis on "(over)" suggest. Jacosse created this track about just expressing his thoughts and hoping that others also capture the sensitivity behind this lovely track. This track also fits best for a late night drive or just hanging out with some friends, it's a song just to sit back relax and just hear your thoughts and music. Make sure to go check out Jacosse discography as well in which he does have great music for anyone to be able to enjoy and go stream "(Over)Thinking"!






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