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J.Ossom - "Anti-Hero"

Introducing "Anti-Hero," the electrifying intro track to J.Ossom's mixtape, released by Ossom Entertainment. This song, a blend of Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, and elements of Trap, is marked by its energetic and epic mood, resonating with the styles of artists like Drake, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Denzel Curry. "Anti-Hero" quickly became a fan favorite, known for its upbeat and energetic vibe. It's a song about determination and doing what's necessary to achieve success. J.Ossom, a North Texas rapper renowned for his lyrical prowess, brings a unique style to the track. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, he tips his cap to the South, but his style stands out as truly original. J.Ossom's background as a former student-athlete turned entrepreneur is reflected in his music. He takes his life experiences and lays them out in a way that's relatable and enjoyable. "Anti-Hero" feels like an anthem for those striving to make their mark, blending infectious beats with powerful lyrics that inspire and motivate. Listen now to see what we mean.


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