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J.LONG - "J.A.I.M.E."

Hailing from La Marque, Texas, J.Long is a Christian recording artist and entrepreneur whose musical journey is deeply rooted in a family legacy of talent and creativity. His musical lineage includes his uncle, Huey Long, a singer and guitarist of the legendary group, The Ink Spots, and his grandfather, Curtis Long, a highly sought-after guitarist who played for icons like B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland. With such a rich musical heritage, it's no surprise that J.Long would find his own path in the world of music. J.Long's musical career took off in earnest when he realized that relying solely on divine guidance and faith was essential to achieving his goals. This realization led him to establish his independent record label, JFAM ENT, in 2004, alongside his younger brother K.Bell. In 2009, his debut album gained significant recognition when one of its singles peaked at #4 on Billboard's single sales chart. This success caught the attention of the R&B group Pretty Ricky, and he briefly joined their ranks, contributing to a remake of his hit single. However, the allure of fame and success in the music industry eventually led him to step back and reassess his priorities. In 2023, after a seven-year hiatus, J.Long made a powerful return to the music scene. His journey during this time was marked by a reconnection with his faith and a renewed sense of purpose. His music, now centered around his spiritual beliefs, reflects this transformation. "J.A.I.M.E.," the title track from his third album released in 2023, stands for "Jesus Absolutely Is My Everything." This high-energy track combines elements of funk and contemporary Christian music, creating a unique and infectious sound that's a departure from typical Christian tunes. In the official music video for "J.A.I.M.E.," directed by David Andro, J.Long's vibrant performance takes center stage. Set in a humble warehouse, the video features J.Long singing alongside his wife, Cyntoia Brown-Long, and a talented backing band. The video also includes clips of friends, family, and community members, all joining in the faithful celebration. J.Long's musical journey is a testament to the power of faith, self-discovery, and the ability to embrace one's calling. His unique blend of musical influences and unwavering commitment to his beliefs make him a noteworthy figure in the contemporary Christian music scene. As he continues to inspire through his music and entrepreneurial endeavors, J.Long's story serves as a reminder that, sometimes, the path to true success involves both personal and spiritual growth. Listen below.


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