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J. Fisher - “1-11-GAS-v6”

Welcoming J. Fisher with his explosive track “1-11-GAS-v6,” a tour de force in the world of rap that echoes the intensity of Kanye's 'My Dark Twisted Fantasy' and the raw energy of Death Grips. This track, a blend of Horrorcore, Trap Metal, and Hyperpop, resonates with the vibes of JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown, yet carves a unique path with its ferocious spirit.

“1-11-GAS-v6” is more than a song; it's a battle cry for the self-loathers and self-doubters, an anthem for breaking through barriers. Recorded in a 2005 Honda Civic, this track is a testament to raw creativity and unfiltered expression. The experience is akin to punching through a brick wall and standing triumphantly amidst the rubble as lightning strikes - a moment of pure, unadulterated liberation. The introduction to 'CIVIC TAPE' sets the tone for J. Fisher's unique approach to music. He drags audiences into his caverns of thought, blurring the lines between soul, hip hop, and spoken word. “1-11-GAS-v6” is like hearing a dragon's roar in the abyss, a powerful and intimidating sound that heralds the exploration of J. Fisher's mind. This new album promises to be an adventure, navigating the murky waters of J. Fisher's artistic vision. The choice to record in a car isn't just innovative, it's a badass move that reflects the artist's commitment to authenticity and raw expression. Listen below now.


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