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J BOOTH - “Bearing”

J BOOTH is a rising star in the emo rap scene, and his latest single "Bearing" is a perfect example of his unique sound. The track combines emotive lyrics and a haunting beat to create a sound that is both introspective and cathartic.

J BOOTH's music is heavily influenced by his own personal struggles, and "Bearing" is no exception. The track deals with the heavy weight of mental health issues and the struggle to keep going in the face of overwhelming odds. The song's haunting instrumentals and J BOOTH's raw, emotional vocals create an atmosphere of hopelessness and despair, but there is also a glimmer of hope and determination shining through the darkness.

Fans of emo rap artists like lil peep will definitely find a lot to love about J BOOTH's music, and "Bearing" is a must-listen for anyone looking for a new artist to add to their playlist. With its emotionally charged lyrics and powerful production, "Bearing" is a standout track that showcases J BOOTH's talent as a musician and songwriter.


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