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J Bones - "Wanting More"

Welcoming "Wanting More" by J Bones, a track that stands as a unique testament to the artist's experimental and diverse musical style. Released by jbonesmusic, this instrumental piece is a fusion of Vaporwave, Synthwave, and Indie Electronic, creating a soundscape that is dark, experimental, and chillingly beautiful. The single is somewhat of an auditory experience that defies conventional genre definitions. The track features spoken word dialogue from an Alan Watts lecture, adding a layer of philosophical depth and contemplation to the music. This element sets it apart from typical lo-fi vibes, adding an intellectual and introspective dimension. J Bones' multi-instrumental talent shines through in every aspect of this track. From the drum set to the keys and bass, every instrument is performed by the artist, adding a personal and intimate touch to the music. The inclusion of Rhodes keys gives the track a jazzy feel, complemented by live, warm-sounding drums that create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Listen now.


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