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Ivytide Introduce A Capturing Track With "Ouest Side"

Introducing a very captivated band Ivytide, there a indie r&b group from Montreal, Canada who create exceptional music with every track they make. The founding members consist of Nathan Gagne (vocals/guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero (bass) they first met at a recording studio and after that the band began. Having a mutual love for lo-fi indie music it led to the production of bedroom pop with songs that provided intricate, but carrying catchy melodies, which float on top of a well thought out instrumentation. Ivytide has recently signed with Higher Reign Music Group, which is a distributed label of Sony Music Canada, and released their second EP "Pardon our distance in June of 2020.

Following their newest single together "ouest side" they perfectly infuse this track with outstanding vocals and production. A singer/songwriter quality paired with lo-fi instruments, catchy melodies, and an irresistible groove combine so effortlessly to create a bop that will surely be stuck in your head. To explain this track further it's about the feeling of two people growing up and falling in love in the suburbs of a big city. Modern day suburbia leaves

them with only so many places to go and things to do, but “ouest side” is an ode to

all the familiar places from which they have created all kinds of memories and

experiences together. It's a beautiful track that anyone listening would for sure smile and enjoy this track. This is only the beginning for a such talented band I can't wait to see what else they have in store.





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