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Ivy Sole - "Bamboo"

Introducing Ivy Sole, a Rapper-singer Ivy Sole just turned 25, so she’s finally realized how little she fully understands about life and her music reflects just how hungry she is to make sense of the world around her. As a Charlotte, NC native and current resident of Philadelphia, Ivy’s sound draws on a diverse set of influences. "Bamboo" is a luscious single that gets you dancing immediately in the beggining with the fade in that is unusual and not used a lot. Its just different. Her airy, yet soft vocals are very well done and we felt connected to the single like it was a secret between the artist and I. It felt like Ivy Sole had something to say, and she did indeed say what she had to. We hope to hear more from the smokey voiced artist and get laid back again in the next one. Its not all the time when you find artists like this. Listen below.


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