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isunray - "You Live for Your Jones"

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Rising artist isunray has just released her latest single, "You Live for Your Jones", and it's a powerful and emotive track that showcases Jade Erus’s incredible vocal range and talent as well as incredible song writing and story telling from .

With influences ranging from neo-soul to funk and R&B, isunray has crafted a sound that is both contemporary and nostalgic, blending smooth melodies with a driving beat and powerful lyrics Jay Hay (isunray).

The single, which was co-written and co-produced by isunray and fellow musician Ray Ray, tells the story of a relationship shrouded in secrets, with isunray's captivating vocals taking center stage. From the opening verses, which explore the tension and unease of hiding something from a loved one, to the explosive chorus that explodes with emotion, "You Live for Your Jones" is a track that will leave listeners mesmerized.

Despite being a relatively new artist, the musicians have all garnered a loyal following with their unique styles, and "You Live for Your Jones" is sure to only increase their popularity.


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