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Isabel With Her Dreamy Track "Sparks"

Introducing upcoming artist Isabel who's a Melbourne-based songstress of neo-soul flavored with hints of minimalist RnB. The singer/songwriter and producer delivers captivating soundscapes layered with sultry beats, elegant sounds and sweeping honeyed vocals that will leave you feeling serene. Her single ‘Fences’ has enjoyed over eight million Spotify plays around the world, airplay on Triple J, regular rotation on Triple J Unearthed, and even reached number 10 on Hype Machine’s ‘Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Right Now’. The 2017 BIGSOUND artist draws inspiration from a mix of soul and electronic artists including Meg Mac, Nick Murphy ka Chet Faker, and Wafia. She is gearing up to release new music in 2020.

Following her newest single "Sparks" it's Isabel's first self-produced track which delivers a stunning blend of smooth electronic R&B production with, dreamy neo-soul vocal melodies and an infectious hook that continues to ignite Sparks with each listen. With the production and the vocals she perfectly captures this track to the T. Sparks introduces a mixture of R&B and electronic which provides a different twist for the any and all listeners to enjoy. The track is about having the romanticized concept of fast infatuation, how some people can easily become so passionately invested in something for a split second; whether it be a hobby, relationship, fashion or trend and then just as easily lose interest, moving on quickly to become passionately invested in the next thing. The "Spark" is what will give you the rush to do anything your heart desires. It's a great groovy track that will sit well driving around with friends or just wanting to jam out, go stream "Sparks".



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