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Isaacjacuzzi (Feat. Lil Keed) - Gucci Steppin

Introducing Seattle -based songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer Isaacjacuzzi pursues a moody and atmospheric fusion of reggae with a modern blend of trap music. Influenced by his upbrining among his West Indian family, Isaac creates a unique sound while staying true to his roots. Isaacjacuzi seamlessly displays his musical range on his new album "Till It's Over". It's a testament to Jacuzzi's new wave singer/songwriter talents and gives us a peak of what's yet to come from the merging artist. With his latest track "Gucci Steppin" Isaacjacuzzi introduces himself to us and it sounds like he'll be here to stay. His single gives us almost a taste of influence from Travis Scott we think. The track starts with what sounds like the spinz 808 and a unique sounding pad to bring you into a different environment, eventually guitar is added for flavor and variation. The mix is simply awesome, his vocals sound upfront. The feature from Lil Keed is also well delivered. This track is definitely up to par to be a summer hit. Hopefully stations take hold of this.



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