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Is our Children Learning x Big Soda x Pandaraps - "Lil Sayin' From Tennessee"

Introducing Is our Children Learning x Big Soda x Pandaraps with the latest single "Lil Sayin' From Tennessee". Lil Sayin’ is a playful tongue and cheek tune that pokes at american exeptionalism and infallibility. It’s verses are playful deep dives into the harsh reality that America, regardless of how attrocious it’s actions have been, has never truly been held accountable for it’s wrongdoings; I.E. “Bombs over bagdahd, Really aint that bad.” The musicians deliver a playful single indeed that makes you want to feel good we think. The single really shows you what happens with the power of teamwork and collaboration we think. The single is simply off the charts with the vibes. Delivering a different flavor but maintaining the sound the musicians knock it out of the park. Listen below.


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