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L'Miranda is a DJ and Producer with more than 7 years of experience, exploring the native sounds of Latin America and International Hip hop. He has shared the stage in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru with artists such as Major Lazer, Apache, Akapellah, Dj Rosa Pistola, Crudo Means Raw, Oldtape, K12, Dj Sueño, Deltatron, El Freaky Colectivo. Yunglian is also an Ex-duo member EL $ ABOR, where he got reviews on COMPLEX, VICE, NOISEY, THE INDEPENDENT. Yunglian is an artist that is new to us but we hope to hear more from. At first listen it sounds like a sleeper record that could be on a Spanish radio, yes it's in Spanish, but still a vibe! What we love about it entirely is that it's not so commercial and the artist still has room to develop even more, even if the genre is mainstream or doing well currently, especially in the Latin community. In Spanish he sings "Baby I don't want to lose you, Don't know much about love but I could learn, Show me how to love, Show me how to love". The music video looks like it was shot by associates or friends in an "at home" manner. Regardless, it still works. There's small edits in the video like colorful subtitles and even more colorful edits.



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