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Introducing Wren with "Where You Need To Be"

WREN is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. We just recently stumbled upon him and it was almost like stumbling on treasure. Truly. Wren is a unique artist vocally. His latest track "Where You Need To Be" sounds like it could've fit into stranger things, or any other romantic 80's themed, fun movies. You know? Like a breakfast club-satisfying type of ending, but for him it's just the beginning. From the start the track grabs with you with a Moog sounding bass synth, sliding into the classic sounds of the 80's; Lynn drums, and DX7 sounding synth to truly capture the era. The production is stupendous, but even then, his vocals have yet to start and i'm stunned. He's talking to a special someone, asking questions in the record like, "Are you hoping for something you can't see?" and telling the person that they're too busy in the "in between". In the hook Wren is telling the special someone in the record that they're where they need to be, it feels like comfort, and trust, the warm synths are back this time around to add feeling. By the second hook Wren introduces new sounds altogether and in the background. We hope to hear from this quiet artist that lets the music speak for itself.


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