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Introducing Weston Estate With "Stoked"

Weston Estate is a new boy band on our radar from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consists of members Srikar Nanduri (guitar), Manas Panchavati (vocals), Tanmay Joshi (vocals), Abhi Manhass (production, bass), and Marco Luka (vocals). The group started in 2017. For their new single "Stroked" the band says "We started making this song as a joke after our trip to the mountains. We wanted to make something groovy and light after we made some songs that were more serious. We had too much fun making it, and when we played it back, we realized it was simply too hard to not release. We hope people can throw this song on at a function or in the car and just dance as mindlessly as we were when we made this song.” The vocals are absolutely fun and so is the beat, released by the renown label Arista we definitely hope to hear more of the group!



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