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Introducing Tommy Violet With 80's Sounding "Connection"

Introducing Tommy Violet, A new artist to us and a bit of a mystery to us. Immediately this song gives me some classic 2009-2012 vibes, some would argue that to this generation that was one of the best time frames of music, M83 in the spotlight, MGMT, The beat reminds me of MGMT more than anything, it gets me moving like how Kid Cudi was dancing on acid! On a more serious note, the cover art might be a bit silly, featuring the popular anime aesthetic of today, you can catch a hint that Tommy Violet is still relatively new and that gets you excited, the vocals are something serious, the writing makes sense and when you start the dancing you start to slow down just a bit and start thinking. Tommy delivers everything from the high notes, the fitting adlibs to clean vibrato, we definitely hope to hear more soon as we watch Tommy grow and develop.

"I like to write love songs because that's all I really think about hahaha" - Tommy Violet


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