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Introducing stevedreez With "1-800-HITMYLINE"

Before I start to explain the joy I felt listening to this song, I have to say that its simply refreshing when artists come to you with something flavorful. While the artist seems relatively knew, to us not much is known about him. Stevedreez is an artist that recently appeared to us and now that he's on our radar we must keep a close eye on him. His new single "1-800-HITMYLINE" gives us a taste of some Tame Impala influence, the beat starts with a tough kick to get the body moving, the soft synths take you into another dimension until you're literally taken to another universe when the artists vocals come in. Stevedreez also incorporated the classic "Barry White" deep vocals for a feeling of sensuality. Steve said "Its a dance track with synth and live elements. The theme for the visual elements is inspired by late night phone commercials." I am certain Steve could be on the roster of the stars of the future if he continues with smashes again like this, take a listen below.


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